What's Included & When We Meet

We will meet from 12-1 pm CST on January 3rd, 10th, 24th, and 31st

  • Customized Strategy

    Identify your unique roadblocks to create a strategy that leads you to victory!

  • Live Zoom Calls

    Highly interactive meetings, live on Zoom where you will learn techniques that will transform your health!

  • Private Community

    It takes a village! Experience the power of being on the same journey with others. Access to private community to share challenges, encouragement, and successes!

Workshop curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Pre-workshop Assessment

    3. Questions & Discussion

    1. Class 1: Transforming Stress Replay

    2. Transforming Stress e-Book

    3. Transformation & Goals Worksheets

    4. Transformation Techniques #1

    1. Class 2: Halting Anxiety Replay

    2. Anxiety - One Size Doesn't Fit All

    3. Transforming Anxiety e-Book

    4. Transformation Techniques #2

    5. Personal Practice Log

    1. Regenerative Emotions

    2. Transforming Anger e-Book

    3. Transformation Techniques #3

    4. Personal Practice Log

    5. Transforming Anxiety

    1. Putting it All Together!

    2. Transformation Techniques #4

    3. Personal Practice Log

    4. Post-workshop Assessment

About this course

  • $129.00
  • 21 lessons

Break Free of Brain Fog!

You have the power to re-energize your brain!

I've been there!

I get it! Soooo know what it's like to make that resolution to give up sweets only to cave and move the starting day to tomorrow. Over and Over and OVER!

But guess what - I also know how to overcome that and win against that ever-nagging craving! YOU TOO can win that battle! While the strategies are simple the planning and order of steps is key! In this challenge, I will share the puzzle piece that connects everything together so you are guaranteed success!

Enroll now because You Deserve to Win!!!

Live to your potential, starting today


  • When do I get access?

    You will have instant access to the dashboard HOWEVER we unlock each challenge on the day of the challenge.

  • How long to I have access?

    You have access for life!

  • What is your refund policy?

    Due to the nature of this material we do not offer refunds. You can't undo seeing content once you view it. If you are unsure if this content is right for you please contact us prior to purchasing.

  • Who is this NOT for?

    If you are not able to commit a few minutes a day to work on your health

    If you are unwilling to change patterns and habits

    If you are under 18 years of age